Services for the protection of objects with the use of technical means and connected to a private central monitoring station with a response to alarming reports and financial responsibility

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"Protection and security" provides for the protection of public and private property (security companies, offices, banks, houses, apartments, etc.), which includes the organization and implementation on the basis of concluded civil contracts, measures aimed at ensuring safety and integrity of the property owner, to prevent encroachment on the protected property and enforcement of the property owner of all authority over him. We have protected more than 6,000 facilities in Kharkiv. Rapid response is carried out 24 rapid response teams that are deployed in all areas of the city and Merefa. Due to a number of groups we ensure their arrival at the facility almost anywhere in town within 5 minutes, which allows us to take measures and thus provide quality services. To every client feel confident that his property will be protected under our fully intact, we conclude the contract with liability. If the fault of our own property the client has suffered material damage we are willing to pay financial compensation.

In addition, "Protection and security" provides for the protection of individuals. This, in turn, includes the organization and implementation of measures aimed at ensuring the personal safety of a particular person, by preventing and / or prevent the direct influence of factors of crime, domestic or environmental nature in the state of his life, protection of life, health and personal freedom.
Department of Physical Protection deals with the organization and enforcement of contractual obligations for the protection of public and private property by issuing fixed positions and flanking physical protection. We have protected more than 30 bank branches in Kharkiv.

"Protection and security" has been working in the market of services for the protection of sites since 1999 and has extensive experience in providing services to enterprises of different ownership forms.
We provide high quality recruitment and training.
The staff of "Protectioin and security" are regularly trained in the legal training of teachers Kharkiv National Law Academy, as well as training of specialists in unarmed combat, and in the gym, located in the office of the firm.


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