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Fire control receiver Lun’-9P (For Ukraine only)

Fire control receiver Lun’-9P (For Ukraine only)

This fire alarm object device is intended for organizing the board (technical) fire security of small and middle size objects such as offices, shops, apartments.

There are modifications of Lun’-9P UA for usage with 4-wire sensors and 2 wire sensors.

Lun’-9P has the following characteristics:

- 8 fire loops;

- control of the ac network (220 V) availability;

- control of battery charge and discharge;

- control of alarm signal;

- terminal (BELL) for connecting the alarm (load current rating up to 200 mA);

- controlled feed of sensors with load current rating 200 mA;

- enables to perform all the functions of remote control and report on state by request from the board;

- enables to use 2 SIM cards;

- has 2 relay outputs;

- transfers the messages on voice and GPRS channels in GSM network, and telephone line;

The main advantage of fire control receiver Lun’-9P over its analogs in the market of fire alarm systems is the protection from the false activation of alarm loops.

The algorithm of its work is the following: while the first activation of a fire sensor, Lun’-9P resets the feed of fire sensors. In case the sensor gets activated again within 1 minute after the feed is restored, then FIRE alarm signal is immediately sent to the centralized surveillance board.

Thus, the false activation is not sent to CSB.

Note! Lun’-9P is delivered in the big plastic cabinet (monoblock) with power supply unit, without an accumulator (battery). The device of indication and control (keyboard) is integrated into the upper cover of the cabinet.