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Object interface unit (OIU) Lun’-9C

Object interface unit (OIU) Lun’-9C

OIU Lun’-9C is used as GSM communicator when the guarded object is equipped with a multi-loop security device featuring the possibility of redialing in case the telephone line is of low quality or it doesn’t exist at all.

Lun’-9C is connected to such a device instead of telephone line and transfers all the events to CSB on GSM channel.

Lun’-9C is connected to any panel (board) supporting Contact ID protocol, and it is installed into the body of the panel (board).

Lun’-9C has the following characteristics:

- three 24 hour loops;

- memory for 24 events;

- power supplied by UPS (10-14 V);

- the transfer of alarm information to CSB on GPRS channel of cellular communication in GSM standard;

- the use of voice channel in GSM network as a standby channel with the centralized surveillance board;

- enables to use 2 SIM cards.

Note! Lun’-9C may be delivered in the plastic body.