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SHC Client-info

SHC Client-info

This software-hardware complex is intended for informing the clients on their indebtedness for guard, transport, and installation services, installment plan, scheduled debt repayment, etc.

Informing is provided by means of sending SMS to the debtors’ mobile phones.

It is possible to create the client database in the program, and in case of indebtedness, you may indicate the amount of debts for each client and begin sending SMS. The program maintains the control of message delivery, so there is no need of controlling manually the delivery of information to clients. The text of a message for each client is created on the basis of pattern that may be defined independently. Sending the messages is performed with the help of Orlan-SMS module connected to the computer, in which this program is installed.

Alongside with the manual enter of the clients, the program maintains the integration with the spread enterprise management system  «1С»™, version 7.7/8 by means of importing the clients and their indebtedness.

It is very important to know that in case of combined work of Client-Info and CSB Orlan program there appears a new possibility: automatic performance of function such as “Guard setting is prohibited” which is maintained by Lun’ series PPK (manufactured by Join Stock  Company Protection and security.