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"PHOENIX-4" monitoring software

"PHOENIX-4" monitoring software

This is a new generation of software for the centralized surveillance board.

The main advantages:

- network model of processing the current events by operators; each event is reflected at all the workplaces at the same time;

- there is the possibility of configuring the event redirection according to type of events, and to objects;

- processing the event is performed in several stages alongside with registering the time at each stage:

- The event has come

- the event is taken for processing by the operator at a particular computer

- working with the object

- the mobile patrol unit has been sent

- the arrival of the mobile patrol unit or the call cancelation

- Indicating the reason for alarms (either a selection from the list or manual enter possibility)

- The event is processed (archived)

- alarm buffer with grouping by type and object (in case of multiple activation);

- all the alarms are displayed at operators’ workplaces alongside with indicating the stage of their processing at the given moment;

- for creating an object there should be a master used with the context help;

- the approach to a timetable (schedule) is changed; there are new possibilities for indicating the schemes of object operation;

- creating the mobile patrol units in the database, the control of attending an alarm, service and filling stations;

- the service information such as event codes, protocols, etc is hidden from the user;

- the recycle bin is added, and the deleted information may be restored at any moment;

- the mobile patrol units are monitored by the program (this function allows collecting statistical data on mobile patrol units);

- the mechanism of application management for the service engineers (monitoring the performance of tasks according to an application;  analysis of typical problems at the objects);

- spreading the possibility of monitoring the state of objects (a list of those objects that are not guarded, etc.);

- monitoring the test mode of object devices. The test interval may be indicated for each device, and the program will strictly monitor in accordance with the schedule. In case the test hasn’t been performed within this interval, the event on test time violation is generated;  

- making an automatic (without user’s participation) reserve copy of database on the network to the other computer, the file on local disk, and USB flash drive;

- the possibility of transferring the whole object, or a separate group of the object, or even a separate zone to the permanent or temporary standby mode, indicating the time interval, when all the current events, including alarms, occur without an operator’s participation. It is very suitable while doing the installation works at the object (on site), and checking the alarms; 

- keeping and reflection of access (drive) ways and the objects planning, various schemes of both the object itself and the scheme of alarm installation;

- supporting the board equipment of other manufacturers such as SurGard, Pact 2, and Contact (Rhythm);

- program modularity: operators and database editor work in their own programs which are the most suitable for them;

- single working space (room) for the board operator;

- suitable and simple search in the database by various criteria such as name, address, phone, director’s last name, type of the object, etc.

It should be mentioned about extraordinary flexibility in system configuration. For instance, there is the possibility of connecting physically the receivers to one computer, of launching the program for the operators at another one. At that the database itself may be placed at the third one, and the board engineer – at the forth computer. Such configuration, alongside with the working suitability, enables to increase the system fail safety on the whole.