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The main advantages of CMS Orlan:

  • The support of 4 channels of sending the events from an object: GPRS/GSM channel, GSM voice channel, auto-redial, Ethernet/Internet.
  • The control of event delivery to the board. For each event the delivery receipt is issued by the board.
  • The control of communication line
  • The high speed of sending the events to the board. In case of using GPRS channel, 32 events are sent within 1 second.
  • The support of remote boards is used in case of necessity to back up the signals coming from the main board (CSB) to the auxiliary one, for instance, installed in the fire department. The signals from the main board are translated to the remote one either automatically or by means of confirming each reference by the operator. The channels used are GPRS or SMS of GSM network.
  • The possibility of configuring remotely the object devices from CSB.
  • Managing the object devices from the board: object status request, resetting the power supply of smoke sensors, guard activation.
  • The possibility of informing the owner about what’s going on at the object by means of sending SMS to his/her mobile phone.
  • Easiness in installing and preparing the board for work. For making the board on the basis CSB Orlan, minimum expenses and time are required. And taking a little cost of devices into account, the cost recovery won’t make you wait a long time. Not high price allows monitoring even in the frame of one enterprise, cottage settlement, etc. Launching such a board quickly is easy because in this case the ready-made complex is supplied. Besides, there is no problem with wires.

The support of big boards: there are over 9000 objects serviced by our monitoring station.

  • The powerful means of current event analysis:
  • Controlling the schedule of object work; testing the devices; additional control of “paired” loops activation of fire alarms (when warm and smoke sensors of one premise are connected to the paired loops of another one). For instance, the “Alarms analysis” function allows finding out the signs of low-quality installation on the objects.
  • Software client-server architecture allows working in the network with the access differentiation. CSB Orlan has proved to be a reliable and simple board in terms of operation and maintenance.