Reliable business partner

"Protection and security" has been working in the market of security services since 1999.
The staff of our company, totaling over 400 people, consists of highly professional and creative people committed to their job.
The clients and customers consider us as a reliable business partner.

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Development and manufacturing of the centralized surveillance desks, and devices for security and fire alarms (Lun’ series)
Rendering the services to secure the objects by using the technical means, and by connecting to the centralized private surveillance board, and by reacting to warnings and alarms.
Design and installation of fire and security alarms, access and video surveillance systems
Design and installation of fire extinguishing systems

While solving the problems of fire safety, and of security, we use the advanced technologies and equipment. Our company actively employs its own technologies for solving the problems with respect to the peculiarities of communication networks of Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

The activity of Security and Safety company is licensed. The devices of Lun’ series as well as centralized surveillance board Orlan are certified in Ukraine and Russia.

At the end of year 2009 our company successfully passed the certification audit of quality management system (QMS) for compliance with DSTU ISO 9001:2009 requirements. 

Security and Safety has its subsidiaries in Kyiv and Donetsk as well as its dealers’ network in Ukraine and Russia.

As of today, under guard of Security and Safety company there are over 11000 objects with devices Lun’ series mounted on them. The centralized surveillance board Orlan has proved to be reliable, simple and suitable in terms of maintenance and operation.